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HometecambienteTECAmbiente develops application to UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Guinea-Bissau

TECAmbiente develops application to UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Guinea-Bissau

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TECAmbiente,Lda is the technical partner of the Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Areas, Dr. Afredo Simão da Silva, for the nomination of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve application in Jeta-Pecixe- Cachéu, in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. This project started in November and should the application should be submitted to UNESCO by the end of September 2020. The future Biosphere Reserve, located north of Guinea-Bissau has as its main conservation areas, the Natural Park of Tarrafes de Cachéu, which includes the largest continuous area of mangrove in the world, an ecosystem that supports the development of many fishing and agricultural communities in the country.

The conservation area reveals high world interest, due to the enormous diversity of birds that find shelter here in their migrations, as well due to the marine and terrestrial mammals, including hippos, reptiles and a flora containing many endemic elements.

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