Consulting and advisory company in the areas of environment, tourism and sustainability

We provide services in all areas of the environment and sustainability, namely environmental management, sustainable tourism, biodiversity and nature conservation, protected areas, environmental impact assessment, certification, audits and training.

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HometecambienteThe Etico for Sustainability Community is growing.

The Etico for Sustainability Community is growing.

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The TreinaMemória, Portugal and Ban-Bé-Non-S. Tomé and Príncipe, in the Education and Tourism sectors, respectively, joined the Etico for Sustainability Community.

Tecambiente, Lda is the former responsible for implementing the Etico for Sustainability standard. Tecambiente, Lda recognizes entities that demonstrate high standard quality, committed to preserving natural resources, enhancing cultural heritage, stimulating the local economy, and an evident contribution to the well-being of its employees, customers and stakeholders.

Tecambiente, Lda operates according to the highest standards of responsibility, ethics and excellence, with a qualified and multidisciplinary team, implementing all necessary measures based on cooperation, networking, partnerships, and commitment between employees, customers, customers and stakeholders.

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